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Good wine with good cup

source: author: Release time:2021-03-15

    If you like drinking, do you treasure a lot of good wine at home. It's true that on a busy night, the beer leader calls one or two friends to be guests at home, drinks a few glasses of wine together, and tells each other about the good and bad. It's really a great pleasure in life!
When it comes to wine, in fact, there are many ways to pay attention to drinking. Although it's comfortable to be casual, it's more ceremonial to pay attention to it.
Let's have a look~
Crystal goblet
    The most common wine cup should be this kind of goblet. There are three most common types of glass: slender champagne glass, inverted triangle cocktail glass and red wine glass. This wine glass is made of crystal glass with transparent and pure texture. In appearance, it has smooth lines and golden stroke style. The overall style can be said to be low-key and atmospheric. It is a necessary wine glass for every family.
Tulip goblet
    As a goblet, this tulip goblet is more unique. In short, the shape of this goblet is like a tulip in full bloom, and the undulating edge is beautiful; the wall and mouth of the goblet are finely cut, which gives you a visual pleasure. If you like goblets but don't want to be the same as other people, you can consider this one as your exclusive goblet.
Simple beer cup
    If you like to drink beer, you can't lack such a beer cup at home. I like the comfort of drinking beer. It's really nice to have a bite of barbecue and a sip of beer.
Colorful whisky glass
    If you usually like whisky, you must have a slightly larger whisky glass at the bottom at home. This whisky cup is different from the ordinary whisky cup. The triple process makes its body show gorgeous luster in light and shadow, and it is particularly beautiful in daily light. Enjoy the glass when drinking, the wine is more delicious!
Makasha series glasses
    This time, we must ask Amway to give you Yan's high-value makasha glass. Many fathers like to drink some wine at home, this wine cup is small and exquisite, and is the best for Baijiu! The design of vertical pattern + Phnom Penh is exquisite and high-grade; with wine dispenser, the drinking is comfortable only when the amount is appropriate; the cup is also small and exquisite, one cup at a time, just a little drunk.