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How can old wine not be wasted?

source: author: Release time:2021-03-08

If you drink a new wine that has just been produced for several years, and the Beer Faucet gives you a bottle of old wine that has been produced for more than five years, you may feel that after your lips touch the body of the wine, the old wine is obviously softer and smoother than the new wine, and its fragrance and taste are much better than the new wine.
There are skills in drinking old wine.
Old wine is full of mellow aroma, so it is not necessary to choose a large wine cup. You can choose a small wine cup with 2-3 money, and porcelain wine cup is better.
The selection of wine dispensers depends on the number of people. Generally, 100-200ml wine dispensers are more suitable, and porcelain wine dispensers are better.
When opening a bottle of stale wine, don't rush to drink it. First, use your sense of smell to appreciate the unique stale taste of stale wine. Then slowly pour the wine into the decanter and wake up for 10-20 minutes. Because the alcohol molecules have been settling in the bottle for so many years, they have plenty of oxygen. After touching, they will have a subtle chemical reaction (oxidation).
Sober up after the end, you can drink, the first three cups can not pass through the first half of the tongue, a cup. It is to make the oral cavity and the whole taste and olfactory system adapt to the old flavor. From the fourth cup, then the glass to the lips, in the mouth sipping products. After drinking, breathe quickly to let the wine smell from the nose.
If conditions permit, the proportion of aged wine stored for more than 10 years can be mixed with highly new wine according to the proportion of 1:1, which is absolutely beyond imagination. The proportion of newly aged wine can also be adjusted according to personal taste.
Some people habitually drink beer, red wine, foreign wine or other flavored wine after drinking old wine. As the saying goes, mixed wine is usually not necessary under normal conditions, which will affect their health. Moreover, after blending, the aftertaste stage of the old wine will be covered up.